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Drumming- Creator of joy!: Drumming and 'in the moment' humour with years of inspired expertise to share rhythm and joy in my workshops.

Team building- Drumming and laughter!: My workshops are filled with rhythm, sound and laughter. Through drumming, our senses are awakened as we experience heightened listening and empathy. We are in the moment!- If we reflect on these experiences, we are able to gain insight into how we work and play together. It helps us to create an environment where we can be heard, feel more inter-connected and supported by ourselves and those around us.

Drumming workshops for schools and educational groups: - Samba to fulfil curriculum requirements! - Powerful, fun, unusual performances! - Workshops for children and young people who have learning challenges as a result of emotional, behavioural or other difficulties.

Healing through sound : Sound is ripples of energy, good energy, which helps us to align to our own unique selves. Sound is a way to keep us balanced. We affect others through these ripples of sound as our own bodies pulsate and tone in tune with ourselves. Sound healing spreads. It travels wide as ripples in water, as loving words through air, as compassionate touch between people, as song that can open peoples hearts. As practitioners we have the potential to get the whole world toning in tune with ourselves and one another. How beautiful.

Rob Strawson - Always energetic, responsive and reliable, with a strong awareness of the power of dynamic variety, her warm personality consistently shines through, inviting the whole-hearted participation of everybody present.

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